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Products – Junior Savers


Saving Plan
It’s never too early to begin saving for your children. Our Junior Savers programme is designed to help
parents save for their children 16 years or younger. Simply open an account for your child and start saving
towards important financial goals. No minimum deposit required.

Our Junior Savers plan is also an excellent way to teach your child the importance of saving for the future.
The account is managed by you, the adult account holder, allowing you to ensure that your child’s savings
are secure.

Education Savings Plan
Give your child the financial backing to build a secure educational foundation with an Education Savings Plan.
Invest in this plan from your child’s birth to thirteen years of age to help secure his or her future education.

With a higher rate of interest, secure your child’s educational financing early and give them the opportunity to
achieve their full potential. With this saving plan your child’s future is easy, no minimum deposit is required
and monthly contributions can be made through payroll deductions for your convenience.

For more information about our Junior Savers Plans products, contact us at 431-0084 or 228-5040
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