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Lifetime Co-operative Credit Union (formerly the BS&T Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union) was established on August 31st, 1989. The credit union was re-branded in February 2016 and continues to have a shared vision of prosperity for all members. We are shaping our reality by pooling resources and assisting our members to gain financial stability.


Our Organisation

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the financial institution of choice in our communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life of our members by providing opportunities for financial prosperity through innovative solutions, trusted financial information and excellent service.

Our Values

Integrity. Trust. Quality. Respect. Accountability.

President Anthony H. Branker
1st Vice President Noel M. Nurse
2nd Vice President Eian W. J. Clarke
Treasurer Ronnie Mascoll
Assistant Treasurer Kyle J. Albert
Secretary Nicholas A. Branker
Assistant Secretary David R. A. Williams
Chair Mary Inniss
Secretary Kezia Nurse
Officer Mark Harding
Chair Lecent Headley
Secretary Diana Greenidge
Officer Gillian Burnham
Officer Melvin Worrell
Officer Deborah Grainger
General Manager Edmund C. Grimes, CPA, CGA, FCA (Barbados)
Accountant Dionne Waterman, BSc
Member Services Manager Rachel L. Corbin
Marketing Officer Natasha R. Lashley
Administrative Assistant Nandy S. J. Nedd, BBA, MEd
Compliance Officer Anita Chandler-Marshall, MICA
Member Services Supervisor Nicole N. Webster
Member Services Supervisor Gale A. Williams
Accounting Officer Raheem Riviere, BSc
Accounting Officer Shurkim Alleyne, BSc
Accounts Clerk Kathy-Ann U. Bascombe, Dip. Theol.
Member Services Officer Ann Roach
Securities Officer Nichola Thomas
Member Services Officer Dwayne Trotman, BSc
Member Services Officer Machel King, BSc
Member Services Loans Clerk Sheena Freeman
Member Services Loans Clerk Cherish V. Thorne
Member Services Loans Clerk Shanika Beckles
Member Services Representative Faith-Marie P. Bryan
Member Services Representative Kim Taylor
Marketing Assistant Subira Jelani
Member Services Representative Jalisa Lokey, BSc
Member Services Representative Rommel Gilkes, BSc

We answer to you.

Our Annual Reports and Financial Statements are matters of public record and,
you can download them here.

Financial Statements

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2019
  • Annual Report 2018
  • Annual Report 2017
  • Annual Report 2016
  • Annual Report 2015

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