Savings Plans

Growth For Everyone!

We understand the need to set funds aside and we can help!

Whether you are saving for a rainy day, towards buying your own home, car or an anticipated vacation we can find the right savings account for you.

Standard Savings Plans

If you have a short term savings goal then our Standard Savings Plan is ideal for you.

This plan allows you to save over a period of only 12 months, with no up-front or minimum deposit amounts required. Contact us and let us help you get started today!”  

Premier Savings Plan

Our Premier Savings Plan offers above average interest rates and is designed to help you achieve a specific financial goal over a fixed time frame.

Simply determine how much you wish to save, and then put your savings plan into action.
Our Member Services team will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help develop a Premier Savings Plan that meets your needs.

Education Savings Plan

Give your child the financial backing to build a secure educational foundation with an Education Savings Plan. Invest in this plan for a child from as early as birth to help secure their future education.

With a higher rate of interest, secure your child’s educational financing early and give them the opportunity to achieve their full potential. With this saving plan your child’s future is easy, no minimum deposit is required and monthly contributions can be made through payroll deductions for your convenience.

One of our Member Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.

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