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Covid-19 and the new normal. Are you ready?

Cooperation is key to moving forward into the "new normal".

The last few months have been like no other, but here we are five months later adapting to a “new normal”. April saw a radical change in our daily lives following the first local cases of Covid-19. There were curfews, shopping by last names, regular hand-washing and sanitizing and the new exercise called “social distancing”.  We needed to change how we did business and to learn how to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. And we did it!

We did it by committing to that core value of our credit union: cooperation! Our collective response to the pandemic was a shining example of consideration and caring. Our fellowship kept us going and brought us this far!

Just a short while ago there was no in-person dining, no church services, no liming after work. Imagine that even the beaches were closed!
Who would have thought that was possible!

Now, many of the restrictions are lifted, and we are taking another step back towards normalcy. As schools prepare to open, we’re moving further into the “new normal”.  People have been speaking about it for some time now. Many of us want to know what it looks like. Take a look around, and you will see. The “new normal” is happening now; it’s evolving.

Even though our workplaces, schools, places of worship and so many other things changed, we know that the measures put in place by the government and other leaders are grounded in science. Some of them are tough. But tough never stopped us as people. The critical question now is: What do I do? That’s simple: we have to continue to play our part.

Let’s keep going. Let’s keep doing what we were doing for the past few months. Let’s take care of our families and look out for our neighbours. Let’s focus on improving ourselves with the understanding that at the same time, we are also improving our families, our communities and our country. Let’s keep the cooperative flame burning.

Let’s keep our eyes on the horizon, our feet on the ground and control the things that we can control. We are proud of how you, our members, have responded to this crisis. We received lots of calls and requests and queries, but by and large, you have been respectful of our efforts and measured in your expectations. It has been our honour to be your partner, and we are using this space to restate our commitment to your financial security. We are going to be with you through everything else that comes our way.

Continue to be safe, and we look forward to bumping elbows with you soon, and yes, we are smiling behind our mask.

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